What we experienced: testimonials and sample artwork

"I want to highly recommend Hamburg based artist and graphic designer Odile Lueken. In a workshop with external clients we were blown away
by her new + fully remote virtual creative session.
Each participant received "The Box" with all the materials needed for silk-screen printing. The whole session was custom-built around our workshop theme and enabled participants to create amazing little pieces of art on their own within minutes - something that most believed they couldn't do. I did not only experience this first hand myself but I also got super kind feedback from our guests.

Jan Heidenreich
(Agency Partner, Facebook)


"Thank you for yesterday’s session! Even without any experience in screen printing and collages, every participant was able to experiment with them quite simply and come up with their own results in a short space of time. At the same time, this unexpected part of the workshop was not only fun, but also rather relaxing. Within a very short time, everyone was engrossed in creating their own little piece of art."

Manuel Kornmann
(Account Director, Starcom)


"Thank you, Odile. Bringing
the workshop to life with you was incredibly fun – thank
you for your ideas, your energy and your professionalism.
The resulting artwork is fantastic, and the feedback from the participants is even better.

Alexandra Streufert
(Agency Partner, Facebook)

"A very unusual introduction immediately broke the ice on this team-building day, even among the sceptics. Rarely has there been so much laughter and such a relaxed atmosphere. Each of us quickly familiarised ourselves with the world of screen printing and collage. The task allowed us to experience ourselves from a completely different perspective and introduced us to new ways of seeing each other. A very special atmosphere of openness emerged between us. When everyone ended up holding their own silkscreen prints in their hands, a product of their own creative efforts, each of us felt a sense of pride."

Marcus Benkwitz
(Inhaber Plainpicture GmbH)

"Generally speaking, journalists always know everything. But not this time. Team Day for the AUTO BILD test department: 25 testers, drivers and staff writers puzzle beforehand what it might involve: none of them has the faintest idea. “Forget it, guys. You’ll never guess what we’re doing. Just one thing: it has something to do with art.”
What is about to happen comes as a surprise for everyone. Because no one has ever done anything like this before. Everyone is captivated by screen printing.
What did my colleagues think about it? Looking around the AUTO BILD corridor the following morning, you find each employee’s most beautiful picture hanging up outside their office door, selected by the people who couldn’t attend. So Odile is with us every day."

Andreas May
(Ressortleiter AUTO BILD, Axel Springer AG)

"Doing this exercise was really fantastic. I love the mood board when I'm looking for inspiration for my storytelling."

Stefania Parnigotto

(Strategy Partner, dentsu)

All the utensils needed by participants come to you in a BOX. I’ll be happy to demonstrate the BOX to you – free of charge and with no further obligation! REGISTER