Your benefits: How teams and customers benefit from creativity

Training innovative powers and strengthening ties

Every company needs people able to think "outside the box" and come up with new solutions. The "Out of the Box" format trains creativity during a digital event, at which participants engage in entirely analogue artistic activities while working from home: an enduring, positive experience for employees and customers. 

The coronavirus crisis has made it clearer than ever just how valuable physical encounters are: digital cannot replace analogue. This makes it
all the more important to create new situations after the crisis, spaces where community can once again be experienced directly. Thanks to
the special lightness of the artistic process, the 
analogue format "Team Day" strengthens the team spirit of its participants. As a customer event, the “Team Day” deepens your customer relations.


This page explains some of the other effects
that participants of the programmes can benefit from. 

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Art strengthens the resi-lience of your employees

Artistic activity gives people a good feeling, of course. However, the benefits of the "Team Day" and "Out of the Box" training formats for employees and customers are also backed by hard science: 


  • Studies on art therapy show that art can have a soothing, stress-reducing and healing effect. One reason for this is that levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your blood are decreased during creative activities.

  • Positive emotions strengthen our body’s immune system, but also our mental resilience.  


Particularly in times of crisis, your employees need activities that will strengthen their resilience through positive feelings. During these training sessions, they create a tangible end product. That is a very satisfying experience. The printed results become a valuable emotional anchor in their everyday work.

Mastering the digital trans-formation through creativity

Art, creativity and the new challenges of digital change: How does all this fit together? In our globalised, digitalised world, change is the only constant. As a result, new solutions are constantly having to be developed, from business processes to business models, in order to remain successful. This is inconceivable without creative skills and thinking "outside the box" in the analogue world.  


Global players like Facebook have also recog-nised the potential of analogue creativity in developing new digital corporate strate-gies. Facebook offers its employees around the world analogue workshops in its “Facebook Analog Research Lab”, to promote creativity, innovation and openness. Here – as in the Team Day or "Out of the Box" programme – the focus lies on analogue (screen) printing. These labs have produced some world-famous posters.

What can your team
learn from art?

The study "The Future of Jobs" conducted by the World Economic Forum finds that, in addition to a competence in new technologies, certain "human attributes" will also gain in importance in 2022. Creativity will be one of the three top qualities of employees in the future. Originality and flexibility are also highlighted.


Artistic activities help employees strengthen their creative skills. Because artists work indepen-dently and are driven from within. However, they also face high levels of frustration during their development. Failing, getting up again and finding new ways are all part of this process. Works of art are the product of constantly beginning afresh


Artists and the production of art – in our case, screen printing and collage – can be very good teachers for your employees. In the future, you will have a greater need for some of these competencies for your corporate success.