Team Day: Experiencing creativity together


In a beautiful studio in Hamburg,
I offer 
creative employee motivation training sessions, with screen
printing and collage for teams of
six to 24, helped by my assistants.
On request, the Team Day can also
take place at a location of your choice. 

On this day, participants get to experience screen printing, by creating designs for given expressions – such as “Technical Wonderland” or “Lousy Hamburg Weather” – using existing screen motifs. The team members’ task is to agree on the creative implementation of these expressions, the motifs and the colours. In the end, participants each receive their own print.


Target group: Who benefits from the Team Day


Every one of your employees has creative skills; you just have to
promote them. The Team Day is therefore aimed at all
employees and managers.  The simplicity of the techniques makes it easy for all participants to access colours and shapes – even those who may consider themselves not to be very creative. The experience of creating something that is physically tangible puts employees in a state of flow, focused and
at the same time playful. One participant described it this way:
"You feel like a kid on sugar." 


Screen printing as a team becomes a positive emotional experience that resonates in one’s everyday work. This promotes communication between your employees and their identification with the company, and it instils confidence in their own creative potential – the basis for your company’s economic success.

For you: Customised programmes

If you wish, the topics and expressions explored during the Team Day
can be directly related to your 
company, your teams or your projects. Visions, strategies, processes – the artistic process can be used
to develop all this and much more in inspiring ways. Materials can also
be tailored to fit 
special occasions, such as kick-off events. All training sessions and events are designed individually and, if you wish, in close consultation with you. Contact me to discuss your needs. I will be happy to draw up a quote, free of charge.


All the utensils needed by participants come to you in a BOX. I’ll be happy to demonstrate the BOX to you – free of charge and with no further obligation! REGISTER

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