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Despite working from home: You can strengthen your teams and customers using art as a method. Analogue creative training sessions during virtual customer events and conferences while working from home are guaranteed to lead to new perspectives!

Welcome! My name is Odile Lueken – an artist, art director and lecturer. I have developed new training formats for your company, your employees and your customers whose method relies on art.


How can companies benefit from art training sessions? These days, employees are experiencing a world of rapid change with digitalisation, the Covid-19 crisis and remote working. As a result of this, there is a greater demand than ever for competence in creativity as a means of finding new solutions.  


The training format "Out of the Box" is the perfect answer to “extreme remote working”. It can loosen up your online meetings, your customer

events and your digital conferences by offering analogue, creative training sessions while working from home. 

Participants of the sessions use artistic methods to come up with
new ideas "outside the box" on subjects linked to your company or your customers: an enduring, shared experience of a creative shift in perspectives.


For times when physical contact is possible, I have developed the format "Team Day". Get to know me and what I offer in the free “Creative Kick”, where you can learn about all the different formats – I look forward to hearing from you!


Bettina Beier / Managing Partner, OMD

"Thank you so much for yesterday’s Creative Break!
It really did me good
after all the lectures!"

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Jan Heidenreich / Agency Partner, Facebook:

"It really is impressive to
see the ease with which amateurs are able to create beautiful works of art under your guidance.


All the utensils needed by participants come to you in a BOX. I’ll be happy to demonstrate the BOX to you – free of charge and with no further obligation! REGISTER

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All the utensils needed by participants come to you in a BOX. I’ll be happy to demonstrate the BOX to you – free of charge and with no further obligation! REGISTER


Experiencing creativity together

During months of lockdown and working remotely, employees, teams and customers have often lost their sense of "us". After the lockdown, they will therefore benefit particularly from training sessions that strengthen emotional bonds. 


This is what the Team Day was developed for, as a form of creative motivation training Physically experiencing analogue art promotes an exchange and cohesion within the team; it triggers creativity for new solutions and more efficiency. You can also use the Team Day as a customer event to strengthen customer loyalty.


In the flow with screen printing and collages


No previous experience is necessary in order to achieve a creative change of perspective using my training formats. Your customers, team or employees will soon be delighted by screen printing and collages, which will put them in a positive mood. 


Participants experience a sense of flow. Why? Creative processes are stimulated in a region of the brain called the DMN (Default Mode Network). Being in the flow feels good; things come to us easily. Creative moments of flow also occur during our day-to-day business – and they can be encouraged. Everyone stands to benefit: customers, companies, employees, teams.


More creativity, productivity, community


Both training formats use art to produce a collaborative, creative and tactile experience. This strengthens the participants’ confidence in their own creativity. If desired, issues of topical interest to the company - e.g. "visions" – can also be developed artistically. The effect:

  • more innovative, more productive, more efficient participants

  • creative exploration of topics currently being addressed by the conference or company

  • strengthening customer relationships or team spirit.